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Gestion Silvano Fails Jog - Out of WEG

Source :  Official 2002 WEG Website

A blow for the Dutch Dressage Team on Tuesday morning when team horse Gestion Silvano N ridden in competition by Ellen Bontje failed to pass the Vet Inspection. The 17 year old Holsteiner breed stallion was held in the holding box on the first inspection and failed on the second presentation to the ground jury. Under the dressage rules there will be no reinspection.

The Italian horse High Flyer to be ridden by James Joseph Connor, Swedish horse Morell to be ridden by Matias Jansson and Austrian horse Acartenango to be ridden by Stefan Peter failed the first inspection and were passed by the ground jury on the second presentation.

Four horses have been withdrawn from the 2002 WEG Dressage championship, Japanese horse Giana Nanny qualified by Toshihiko Kiso, two Ukraine horses Methol qualified by Yuriy Kovshov and Dinizzetti 21 qualified by Anatoli Bocharov and Australian horse Rosemount Wallstreet qualified by Kristy Oatley-Nist.

The dressage Grand Prix will commence in Chapin 1 on Wednesday September 11. at 10.00.

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